Who We Are


African Relief Mercy Ministries (ARMM) is a Christian Humanitarian Organization that seeks to improve the quality of lives for the individual and the community as a whole.

ARMM helps the forgotten poor and needy realize their full potential in the society. We work for a selfless cause believing in both temporal relief and long-term development. Help is only help when the art of learning to fend for yourself and the community has been achieved. We help people to help others achieve goals that affect the families, the communities and the nation at large.


African Relief Mercy Ministries is a Christian non governmental organisation that has a mandate to reach out to the poor, forgotten, deslolate, and hopless in our society.
We aim at serving through educational support, providing free health care, providing basic amenities, support orphanages etc. We believe in helping people help themselves.
Having a new world view that the communities problem is everyone's problem and that solving these problems together will bring progress, is the beginning of a successful future.


ARMM is an organization that seeks to provide long term pillars in remote areas that will improve quality of life for generations to come. We also strive to bring people out of their poverty mentality giving individuals a reason to succeed.


We are a Christian non denominational organization whose core stems from Biblical values.
We believe in helping the individual help others.
We believe a society without a vision cannot bring change.
We achieve greater goals when we partner with others who also believe in change.
We accept that working with the people is better than working for the people.
We do not assume the society's needs. We ask, we listen, we partner and we solve.
We believe meeting basic needs together builds trust and not just buildings.

Hello Friends & Family,

It is always exciting to pioneer a dream and then see the ripples of effect it has on a society.
After years of ministry, training, & starting schools, we felt the need to do more. We were surrounded by an immense need that had to be met.
A passion for our people propelled us to start a relief ministry, an NGO, African Relief Mercy Ministries with a simple goal in mind,
``Equipping people to enable them help other people.``
We started our NGO journey with the greatest desire to reach out to the forgotten poor and make a difference in their lives. After many years, we are happy to say that the fruits of our labour has benefitted people's lives as well as their children's children.
Whiles Partnering with Friends & Family, we've seen schools built in remote villages, empowered women who today have their own businesses, supported orphanages and orphans who are today University graduates, brought water into areas that had no running water, etc..

We are excited to see what comes next. It has always been our desire to see peoples lives change Spiritually, Physically, & Financially. We strive to instill a worldview that works towards excellence, as well as building a future that will last for the next generation.
We encourage you to come on board and partner with us to make a difference in lives that can only change if we take a step towards bringing restoration.

Rev. Faithful & Rev. Mary Biney