Educational support for fourteen students
ARMM offers scholarships to brilliant but less privileged children in villages where we discharge our missionary works. Fourteen students have been adopted under this project and are benefiting from full payment of their educational fees. Four students out of this number are currently in Tertiary institutions.
Micro financing projects
ARMM have supported men and women across various communities by improving their means of livelihood. Through these endeavours, ARMM provided capital to some market traders and small-scale self-employed individuals to expand their businesses. The aid was extended to farmers especially those raring livestock.
Support for the aged
ARMM does not leave the aged out of their outreach. In collaboration with the Tema social welfare, a huge gathering of old folks between the age of 70 and above were conveyed to a special event. There was a massive turnout at the event and the folks had a fun time playing games and socializing, with plenty of foods and drinks whiles enjoying some good music. Medical care, products and advise were provided to the folks as well.
Support for Orphanages
In 2016, ARMM through their philanthropic activities, supported three Orphanages by providing them with septic tanks, polytanks, bunk beds, food items, money and many more. ARMM makes donations quarterly to these orphanages and also provide medical outreach for them.
Infrastructures at Abura Anamoah
ARMM has done some philanthropic work for the people of Abura Anamoah a suburb of Anomabu in the Central Region. Having realised the community’s need for an educational facility, ARMM established a school for the people for tje community. The school was also attended by students from numerous satellite villages in Anomabu town.

ARMM also put up a corn mill for the people of Abura Anamoah to address a long-standing concern of the community and neighboring villages of having to travel long distances to get access to a machine to mill their corn. The mill has since served the people till date.

Medical Outreach for Baafikrom Community
ARMM in partnership with Caring Meds, an Internationl medical care organisation, organised a medical outreach in Baafikrom, a village in Mankessim. This project entailed health care delivery to a huge number of people from neighbouring towns as well. A variety of medical products and provisions were also distributed to the people of Baafikrom. The impact of this project was very great and is still highly spoken about, by most of the beneficiaries.
Development Projects with Cornerstone Charities International
In 2007, ARMM in partnership with Cornerstone Charities International built a 9-classroom block for Momotor, at Ekumfie in the Central Region which was later handed over to a church to manage.

ARMM and Cornerstone also collaborated to set up two medical outreaches for the people of Ekupoano and Aakraah through which lots of medical treatments were administered and many lives touched.

Two water cisterns were provided to two communities in the Central Region. One in Daadaa Nkwado and another village named Tuafo. These cisterns have provided the people with clean drinking water ever since.

Medical Outreach with Mercy Ships
In 1982 the founders of the African Relief Mercy Ministries (ARMM) were on a missionary assignment on board Mercy Ships, a vessel that sails around the world providing medical training, surgical procedures and other medical activities to people in need. During the same period, Ghana was hit with a strong famine that led to severe poverty and poor health conditions. The founders ARMM embarked on a journey to bring the ship to Ghana, to help alleviate the situation.


In 1991, the ship arrived on the shores of Tema, which also happened to be her first time in Africa. With the support of the Ghana government and Ministry of Health, the ship conducted major surgeries, medical procedures and treatments, dentals and many more. Through this endeavor, approximately 151 cataract and cleft lip surgeries were performed. They also treated 2,798 patients with a variety of health conditions, 1,063 dental cases and implanted 20 prostatic parts including 11 eyes, 6 ears, 1 nose and a silicon jaw for surgical implant.

African Relief Mercy Ministries in conjunction with Mercy Ships also distributed 630,000 pounds of medical items with support of the Ministry of Health and food items to the Liberian refugee camp at that time. In addition, a 100 square meter stretch day care nursery school for 60 children was built at Gbetsile.


In November 1994, the ship returned to Ghana to continue with the medical outreach and aid provision with the help of the African Relief Mercy Ministries. Major activities carried out include: 256 eye surgeries (cataract), 253 maxillofacial surgeries (palate, cleft lip), facial reconstruction, cancer and other severe facial operations.
This partnership also saw the birth of dental clinics at Cape Coast in the Central Region and Tema New Town, in Greater Accra. A total of 3,449 dental appointments were recorded with 3,121 patients treated. Treatments included 4,321 extractions and 1,691 filings.
A 12-room surgical maternity facility including a preparation room, a theater, a recovery room, examination room and a washroom was constructed at the Tema General Hospital. This was done in partnership with Mercy Ship and Ministry of Health.